November 17, 2005
RFC-NG 3.3.0
* updated documentation
* use built-in SEQ function because it is not present in all OS. Thanks to Fabien Guillot (fabien.guillot AT
* fixed a small bug that caused a "cp: missing destination file" error. Thanks to Olivier Lumineau (olivier.lumineau AT
* fixed and error that caused to give a wrong suggestion on "sudo" at the line explaining ""
* don't require NMAP anymore. Thanks to Igor Brodnik (igor.brodnik AT
* FSCs configs: check also /lib
* updated afick to version 2.8-2

Aug 29, 2004
RFC-NG 3.2.0
* updated afick to version 2.3-1
* choose an arbitrary SSH-port when setting up a node (aka: you don't need to run ssh-server on default port 22)
* check for "wc" while setting up
NOTES: This release add the ability to choose an arbitrary port for the SSH daemon.
So, in the config file you'll find a new entry named "SSHD_PORT=xx". If you want to use your old
configuration files with RFC-NG-3.2.0, you have to go in "nodes/settings" directory and simply give:
( echo "" ; echo "# SSHD port" ; echo "export SSHD_PORT=22" ) >> old_config_file
Repeat it once for each host, obviously! ;-)

May 9, 2004
RFC-NG 3.1.0
* updated afick to version 2.1-0
* mail report: only show the modified nodes! Thanks to Steffen Scheuler for the nice work!

March 4, 2004
RFC-NG 3.0.0
* really honour the $PROC value on fast systems too
* kill process if it takes too long (requires `kill` command)
* corrected a bug in some string-checking
NOTES: sorry but I have to jump from ng-1.0.0 to ng-3.0.0
because some people makes mistake between old-RFC and
RFC-NG, so I prefer to be clear: this is the latest version! ;-)

February 27, 2004
RFC-NG 1.0.0 (aka: RFC New Generation!)
* anyone (but root) can run RFC, and you can chose a different user on any remote node (not only `rfc`)
* perform `mass` check/update for all nodes and parallel execution
* may not run in interactive mode (when use -force-* flag)
* can send an alert to a different email address
* setup some options from command-line
* can check a single node
* updated documentation

01-08 May 2003
The RFC idea is born...

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